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Politics – My Way – Britain

Politics – My Way – Britain If I had the power in Great Britain: Nationalise, and shut down the competition. Nationalise Google UK, and shut down the competition. Nationalise Amazon UK , and shut down the competition. Nationalise the Water Board. Nationalise National Power. Privatise Royal Mail. Legalise Cannabis. Alter society so females do […]

BNP – NF – Party – FAIL

The likes of the British National Party (BNP) and the National Front (NF) have failed as political parties in the United Kingdom. They will never gain power unless they completely change what the parties stand for. The only thing I agree with them on is bringing a stop to mass immigration. The rest of their […]

Make Pornography Illegal

Pornography should be outlawed as it warps the mind. It gives men the wrong impression of women and is degrading to them. The search engines and internet providers must block pornography of any kind.

Aryan Guanches of the Canary Islands

The Guanches were a Neolithic tribe discovered living on the Canary Islands by the Spaniards in the year of 1402. They were ethnically Nordic, having blond hair and blue eyes. They were tall and males often sported beards.

Islam vs the West? (Islamaphobia)

I like Muslims because they have old fashioned values like me. They are not our enemy, the enemy lies within ourselves. Islam is a religion of peace, Islam means Peace. It is our Western equalatarian culture that is wrong. We have to look at ourselves and make changes. Many muslims despise the Western society where […]

Militant Feminists

I am not a fan of Western equalatarian culture. All regimes should be patriarchal (male dominated). Islamic regimes are patriarchal and so is communist North Korea for that matter. Love nature? I certainly do, and I believe we (humans) should copy nature to be the best that we can be. In the wild, in the […]

Mass Immigration is Unnatural and Wrong

I am against unnatural acts. They are against nature and against god. Mass immigration does not occur in nature. It is entirely a product of humanity. We need some immigration, but not on the level witnessed today. it is immoral to steal people from another nation. All the skilled people will leave and head West […]

The Jews and the Aryan Race

There is no place in my heart or mind for anti-Semitism, or anti-anyone for that matter. The Jews were targeted by Hitlers lot, Aryanists (Nazis) during WW2 “obviously”. The Nazis murdered 6 million + of them in death (gas) camps because of Hitlers hate filled vision. There was no need to do it and they […]

Non-Political Resistance “HUMAN”

Aryanist’s, Nordicist’s, Scandinavianist’s need a movement to follow, to be a part of.  I put forward a non-political movement where by those who are a part of it try to better themselves racially in their children, by the use of Nordic sperm and egg donor banks. You do not need to be an Aryan yourselves […]


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