The likes of the British National Party (BNP) and the National Front (NF) have failed as political parties in the United Kingdom. They will never gain power unless they completely change what the parties stand for.

The only thing I agree with them on is bringing a stop to mass immigration. The rest of their policies are outright rubbish!

I read their website often, they are continually targeting people, mostly Muslims (Islamaphobia). When are they going to learn? This will not work. We need to accept the cultures that are here and work to absorb them ethnically into the main block of people. The people will never vote for any party that targets a group of people based on race or religion and rightly so.

The nationalists need to change their tune, what they spout is about 70 years old. Look, we can all work together for Aryanism, it really isn’t about what you are it’s about what you think. Everybody, excluding no one can be a part of the Aryanist movement. All are genuinely welcome.

A great educated people will do the best for future generations.

Nigel Farage is another plonker who tries to stir up trouble wherever he can, often he is successfull.

I do agree with him though that leaving the European Union was a good idea but for alternate reasons. I do not want Europe to end up like the USA. I am not a fan of Americas Fascist ways. When countries get bigger in my opinion they become less civil and liberal values erode away.

I really am a Liberal, Socialist, Capitalist, Internationalist, Aryanist.

Politics will not save the Aryan race, selfless people will.