To simplify matters: I believe my own thing.

I call it:


Infinitarianism is a belief system that all wrongs committed in this life must be un-wronged in the next life unless you can un-wrong them in this life, first.

“All life goes there, good, bad, human or animal”.

The Infinity is pure thought, Eternal Light, Heaven, God.

I consider myself of all religions. A Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, spiritualist, etc.. All faiths.

Infinitarianism encompasses all Faith’s.

When you die you will face a journey to un-wrong the wrongs you have done in your first life. You will see the pain you have caused others through their eyes and others.

Animals do not face the journey on death, they can do no wrong. They go instantly to the infinity, waiting for us.

It is only humans that face the journey. It is better and less painful to un-wrong your wrongs in this life than it is in the next.

It can be like a groundhog day of pain until you recognize and are truly sorry for the error of your ways that you have committed, if any.

It’s about doing the right thing in this life to make it to heaven painlessly.

After the journey is the heaven where all life goes. The infinity is the thoughts of all life that has fallen. It craves new thoughts from the dead. It wants you and your experiences.

“Good Journey”