I am not a fan of Western equalatarian culture. All regimes should be patriarchal (male dominated). Islamic regimes are patriarchal and so is communist North Korea for that matter.

Love nature? I certainly do, and I believe we (humans) should copy nature to be the best that we can be. In the wild, in the animal kingdom, the female is always submissive to the male, she plays her natural role.

In the human Western world, militant feminism promotes women as non-submissive to men, in fact often domineering over them. This Western Feminism idea is naturally wrong; therefore, it is morally wrong in my book!

A female should play traditional roles in society such as:


I believe this miltant Western feminist equalitarian society is what lay behind the increasing number of homos in the West. Their minds have been corrupted since birth to think we’re all gender equal; this gives them the opportunity to think they could have same-sex partners.

The Islamic world promotes females to these traditional roles, and there is no changing that. The Islamic religion is much more in keeping with the natural law that I believe in.

In Christianity feminism is not a part of it. However, Western Christianity has become so corrupted from the original teachings to me it is a meaningless faith. I have faith myself, I believe my own thing that I have named “Infinitarianism”.

It seems the West is hell bent on trying to destroy itself. If you ask people, do they believe in equality in the West, they will quickly say, “of course”. The reality is if you ask western males if they think it seriously, in private they will undoubtedly disagree with feminism’s principles. Western men are wimps that are to scared to say what they think.

It seems people in the West have been brainwashed since birth. They are scared to say what they think.

Western females agree with feminism; they do not care about the natural law. They just want more. The woman will take as much as she can until it is all gone.

All ancient religions warn of the female, and they are right to do so.

The truth is females do not know what they want, so they need to be told what they want by the males. Their role is to forfill their traditional and natural role in society, never stepping outside those confines.

What a sexist pig I am, apparently!