I like Muslims because they have old fashioned values like me.

They are not our enemy, the enemy lies within ourselves. Islam is a religion of peace, Islam means Peace. It is our Western equalatarian culture that is wrong. We have to look at ourselves and make changes.

Many muslims despise the Western society where homosexuality is the norm, where women take the role of men, where men take the role of women. Who is in the wrong, them or us? They are certainly not perfect, but I put it to you we are more in the wrong than they are.

Homosexuality shoud be thrown back in the closet were it belongs. I am not talking about hanging gay people like they do in Iran. I am talking about removing its openess from society. This gay propaganda littering western TV and media is an illness and it must be stopped.

Whether you want to accept it or not homosexuality is unnatural (animals dont do it). Therefore I am against it being openly promoted. I do not hate gays.

Our society is ill.